An update repository for a custom distro?

Scott J. Henson sjh at
Tue Dec 26 02:50:20 UTC 2006

Joel Bryan Juliano wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a custom distro, that have alot of customize packages, I would 
> like to use the Ubuntu repository for the updates, but I'm afraid that 
> the customize packages would be replaced with the ubuntu packages upon 
> update, I'm wondering how will I use the Ubuntu repository without the 
> customize packages be replaced with the ubuntu version? Is it possible? 
> If not, updates and g-a-i will be nothing at all (for now) :-(

We have a custom distro and what we do is have a 
mini-dinstall repository that we upload our packages to. 
Then we use apt pinning to give our packages priority.  Thus 
even if a newer version is uploaded to Ubuntu's repository, 
apt keeps our version installed.  Obviously, this means that 
we have to keep up to date on security related updates, but 
to date this has not been an issue.

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