User Reviews In Synaptic?

Ernst Persson ernstp at
Fri Dec 22 14:13:21 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

I started writing a little bit on this spec so I wouldn't forget it.

What do you think?

Here's the text from the wiki pasted:

There could be an additional tab in Synaptic / Gnome App Install where users
could see reviews about the program by other users. This could include a

The reviews should probably be per source package, like changelogs.

Perhaps a launchpad interface to edit them? This would probably be
text-files (or stripped html?) on launchpad and downloaded on demand by
Synaptic or GAI.

The reviews would probably have to be moderated.

Since capabilites and bugs change, reviews for a package from a previous
release of Ubuntu should not be shown by default. New versions in the same
Ubuntu release shouldn't throw away reviews though. How to integrate this
with -backports is not clear atm.
/Ernst Persson
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