New feature: mount local file systems in Gnome, please test

Ernst Persson ernstp at
Tue Dec 12 11:46:30 UTC 2006

But wait, what's this then?;a=commit;h=2ea340399bf8cf3d2bb6bd1b5c4ecbc2042e93d4

Seems David Zeuthen from RedHat has already worked on this. I'm not sure if
his patch has made it into any HAL release yet though?

/Ernst Persson

On 12/12/06, Martin Pitt <martin.pitt at> wrote:

> > Could this be extended so that usermounted fuse mounts show up there
> also?
> > If I mount an ISO with fuse-iso somewhere in my home directory for
> example.
> This would require FUSE support in hal, which is on upstream's
> wishlist, but not currently implemented.
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