Trusty Tahr open for development

Matthias Klose doko at
Mon Oct 21 11:12:34 UTC 2013

Trusty is now open for development, with syncs from unstable currently running.
The development version starts with a new port and with minor updates to the
toolchain and some transitions.

 - GCC 4.8 was updated to the GCC 4.8.2 release and the GCC Linaro
   4.8-2013-10 release.  Binutils is built from the 2.24 release branch.

 - An glibc update will follow later during this cycle.

 - Perl was updated from v5.14 to to v5.18.

 - Berkeley DB was updated from v5.1 to v5.3.

 - boost was updated from v1.53 to v1.54.

Please check your uploads in a trusty chroot, don't just test in a saucy
environment. See [1] how to setup such a development chroot.

Trusty is the first development version that sees the AArch64 (arm64) port from
the start of the cycle.  Buildd resources are still somewhat limited compared to
the other architectures, so please ask first on #ubuntu-devel before giving back
a build for this port (e.g. compiler complaining about an unreproducible ICE).


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