Minutes of Technical Board meeting from 2013-05-13

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Mon May 13 20:59:03 UTC 2013

Also available on the wiki at

Chair: Martin Pitt
Other members in attendance: Stéphane Graber, Soren Hansen
Apologies: Matt Zimmerman, Colin Watson
Full log: http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2013/ubuntu-meeting.2013-05-13-20.07.log.html

= SRU request for custom unity-greeter indicators (Mike Terry) =
 * One positive answer on the ML, no objection from other members. Granted.

= openssl as a system library (Dave Walker) =
 * Carried over to next meeting as Colin has a strong and well-founded position but could not make it to today's meeting.

= SRU approved without waiting in unapproved (Jonathan Riddell) =
 * Unanimous agreement that this is not a flaw in the defined SRU process, but a flaw in its execution. We do not want to give up peer review for what goes into stable releases, and rather want to address the workflow problem in the SRU team.
 * ACTION: Martin to mail SRU team members about this

= Brain storm review =
 * Due to radically decreasing interest from both Ubuntu developers (judging by the decrease of answers) as well as users (judging by the decreasing number of voters) the TB feels that it is time to end brainstorm.ubuntu.com and its regular review.
 * The sole remaining maintainer (Stephane Graber) as well as the Ubuntu community QA team (who founded this service initially), represented by Jorge Castro and Nicholas Skaggs, all agree.
 * ACTION: Jorge to check whether brainstorm.ubuntu.com could be kept as a read-only archive, and otherwise shut it down.

Chair for next meeting: Kees Cook

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