Minutes from the Technical Board meeting, 2013-02-04

Colin Watson cjwatson at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 5 10:16:35 UTC 2013

Technical Board meeting, 2013-02-04

= Attendees =

 * Colin Watson (chair)
 * Kees Cook
 * Martin Pitt
 * Stéphane Graber

 * Scott Kitterman
 * Scott Moser
 * Steve Langasek

= Apologies =

 * Soren Hansen

= Notes =

 * MAAS SRU (Andres Rodriguez, represented by Scott Moser)
  * Initial request from Andres:
  * The board generally endorses Steve's reply in
    and authorises a waiver of the SRU policy for the maas package and
    (if required) for the addition of the python-tx-tftp package to
  * Colin took an action to clarify the SRU documentation in light of
    Steve's comments on bundling.

  * There remain three python-django changes, two of which have been
    bounced up to the board by the SRU team.  For these, the primary
    consideration is avoiding a risk of regressions for other Django
    users.  The changes are targeted rather than a wholesale version
    backport, which is good and makes this amenable to detailed review.
  * At an initial review during the meeting, GenericIPAddressField
    appears as though it could be handled in MAAS, while the prefetch
    changes do seem to need to live in Django itself.  However, there
    needs to be a clear plan for regression-testing *outside* the
    context of MAAS.
  * The board is generally willing to authorise a waiver for the SRU
    policy of no-new-features for these python-django changes,
    conditional on code review and non-MAAS regression testing.  If any
    of the changes can reasonably be handled within MAAS instead, then
    they should be, since that would involve the least total risk to
    12.04 users.
  * The board delegates Steve Langasek to perform additional code review
    for the SRU team.

 * Next meeting is 2013-02-18.

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