Vacant Developer Membership Board seat: Call for nominations

Stefano Rivera stefanor at
Mon Jan 16 14:40:29 UTC 2012


We will soon have a Vacant Developer Membership Board seat. Michael
Bienia is reaching the end of his term, and we need to find a
replacement. This is a call for nominations.

The DMB is responsible for reviewing and approving new Ubuntu
developers, meeting for about an hour once a fortnight. Candidates
should be Ubuntu developers themselves, and should be well qualified to
evaluate prospective Ubuntu developers and decide when to entrust them
with developer privileges or to grant them Ubuntu membership status.

The new member will be chosen using Condorcet voting. Members of the
ubuntu-dev team in Launchpad will be eligible to vote. To ensure that
you receive a ballot in the initial mail, please add a visible email
address to your Launchpad profile (although there will be an opportunity
to receive a ballot after the vote has started if you do not wish to do

The term of the new board member will be 2 years. Providing at least one
nomination is received, voting will commence on Tuesday 31 January 2012
and last for 2 weeks, ending on Tuesday 14 February 2012. The DMB will
confirm the appointment in its next meeting thereafter.

Please send nominations to developer-membership-board at
(which is a private mailing list accessible only by DMB members) by
Monday 30 January 2012.

If nominating a developer other than yourself, please confirm that the
nominee is happy to sit on the board before emailing the DMB.

Please consider writing a short statement on your wiki page if
nominating so that others get a better idea of who they are voting for.
If you include a link to this in your nomination mail or a followup, the
DMB will share it when the call for votes begins.


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