upcoming 12.04.1 release plans...

Kate Stewart kate.stewart at ubuntu.com
Thu Aug 2 21:21:39 UTC 2012

Dear Developers and Testers, 

As of 2100 UTC,  we have started creating the images and ramping towards
getting Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS ready to ship.   All key fixes we want in
12.04.1 should now be in precise-proposed (or at least queued up to be

We are now building daily images again for all the LTS images that will
make up the 12.04.1 release.   Precise daily images can be found on:
Please try them out, and report on the iso tracker if you see tests
passing or any issues.

What’s going to be happening between now and when we release on 8/23?

now -> 8/9  Daily images built from -proposed,  
            smoke testing, finding blockers (and fixing).
            No uploads accepted into -proposed without 
            stable/release team ok.
            Fixes moved from -proposed to -updates.
8/10 ->8/16 Daily images built from -updates,  all key fixes 
            should now be in -updates.  
            Fixes again accepted in -proposed that won’t be pushed 
            to -updates until after 12.04.1 comes out.
            Smoke testing, critical blockers and security updates 
            until final freeze.
            Release note updates.
8/17->8/22  Candidate 12.04.1 image set produced and all mandatory 
            tests executed.
            Images only respun on demand if absolutely necessary.
8/23        12.04.1 released.                 

If you have any questions,  please feel free to ping Stéphane Graber
(stgraber), Dave Walker (Daviey) or myself (skaet) in #ubuntu-release

Thank you for all your efforts over the last couple of months on
polishing up 12.04! 

Kate Stewart, 
on behalf of the Ubuntu Release and Ubuntu Stable Release Teams

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