Technical Board meeting minutes (2011-10-06)

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Thu Oct 6 19:03:02 UTC 2011

This is also available on the wiki:

Meeting: 2011-10-06
Chair: Martin Pitt
Attendees: Kees Cook, Stephane Graber
Guests: Allison Randal, Scott Kitterman, Lamont Jones

= Brainstorm review update =
Cycle completed, see Colin's summary:

= Recruiting new members for the ARB (Allison) =
This was discussed and edited to add the requirement that new board members must be Ubuntu developers, i. e. ~ubuntu-dev members. This does not retroactively apply to the already existing members, though.
Proposal carried with 3 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.

= Postfix microrelease exception request (Scott K) =
Upstream has tight requirements for what goes into stable microreleases, QAs them with regression tests, and has a good history of not breaking anything. Known breakage so far was in the packaging.
Our QA regression testing repository has an [[|existing integration test script]] which should be run on the proposed packages for checking for general mis-builds, packaging errors, etc.
Team members generally feel good about routinely SRUing microreleases, but want to see an existing successful SRU first. Martin signed up for reviewing that SRU. This will be re-discussed after that.

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