Minutes from today's Technical Board meeting, 2011-03-10

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 10 18:56:11 UTC 2011

= Attendance =

 * Kees Cook
 * Martin Pitt
 * Scott James Remnant
 * Colin Watson
 * Matt Zimmerman (chair)

= Notes =

== Quarterly brainstorm review (mdz) ==

 * It's time for the next installment of the quarterly brainstorm review,
   as agreed in http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/ubuntu-meeting.20100907_0900.html

 * Martin Pitt volunteered to organize the review this time (thanks,

 * ACTION: pitti to kick off the review

 * ACTION: mdz to send Martin the materials he used last time (email
   templates etc.)

== Per-package uploads ==

 * There were a couple of outstanding grants of per-package upload
   privileges on the technical-board mailing list, which Martin agreed
   to action

 * ACTION: pitti to respond to uTouch package set request

 * ACTION: pitti to add PPU rights for Serge Hallyn per ML

== Administration of the ubuntu-release team ==

The administrator of the ubuntu-release team in Launchpad was Colin Watson,
from the time when he served as release manager, and the owner was Matt
Zimmerman.  It was quickly agreed that the owner of the team should be the
Technical Board instead, and that change was made immediately.

There was then a vote to confirm that Kate Stewart should be the
administrator of the release team.  Kate has been serving as release manager
for some time, and the board recognized this as a formal delegation and
mdz updated Launchpad accordingly during the meeting.

== SRU for w3m to fix bug 523229 ==

Apparently, w3m (prior to Natty) can't be used to login to Launchpad due to
missing required functionality.  As w3m is the default text-mode browser in
Ubuntu (and the only browser in Server Edition), it has been proposed that
the missing functionality should be backported.

Tuomas Heino has prepared a patch for this, and asked the technical board
for guidance.  The board affirmed that if this is a regression, the existing
policy in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates#Special%20Cases
applies, and this should be considered by the SRU team.

ACTION: cjwatson to follow up on bug 523229

== Bug scrub ==

The following two bugs are being tracked by the technical board:

 * Launchpad bug 174375 in Launchpad itself "Distribution drivers
   permissions may need redesign" [Low,Triaged]

 * Launchpad bug 451390 in Launchpad itself "limited upload rights no longer
   give series nomination accept/decline rights" [High,Triaged]

Further progress on the former is blocked on the latter, which has now been

 - mdz

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