Oneiric Alpha 3 Testing Report

Jean-Baptiste Lallement jean-baptiste at
Thu Aug 4 22:08:45 UTC 2011

Hi All,

Please find enclosed the testing report for Oneiric Alpha 3. It is also
available online at:

Thank you to ScottK, Unit193, charlie-tca, stgraber, Lance, gilir, 
JanRathmann, jbicha, SpamapS, FrancescoRuvolo, Fly82, mvo, marius78, 
brendand, njin, MarcoBuono, bambi, GrueMaster, valix, smoser, P-I H, 
totopalma, PatrickDK, jamespage, superm1, Alessio Grosso Sgarrillo, 
alo21, jibel, Letozaf_, pedro_, patrickmw, hggdh, PaoloRotolo, 
Claudinux, kidsodateless, NightSilente, primes2h, AntonioAllegretti, 
Yofel, xdatap1, DomenicoRotolo, Fo5150, fader_, bennachie, cyphermox and 
to all of you who helped in testing this milestone.

The images would not be able to go out today without your efforts!

irc: jibel

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