Oneiric open for development

Matthias Klose doko at
Fri Apr 29 11:43:11 UTC 2011

Oneiric is now open for development, with syncs from unstable starting shortly. 
  The development version starts with an updated GCC and binutils, some soname 
changes (gmp, libffi, boost) and re-enables the default linker settings, which 
were disabled just before the natty release.

When merging or requesting a sync, please look at the list of known build 
failures [1]; bugs (tagged `ftbfs') are filed for every packages which fails to 
build from source. Please close these with the merged uploads.

Please check your uploads in an oneiric chroot, don't just test in a natty 
environment. See [2] how to setup such a development chroot.


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