Natty Narwhal open for development

Matthias Klose doko at
Fri Oct 15 14:24:32 BST 2010

Natty Narwhal is now open for development.  If you haven't yet subscribed to the 
natty-changes ML, please do so at [1].

It's worth mentioning the update to GCC 4.5 and a change to the linking behaviour.

  - GCC 4.5 is more strict than earlier GCC versions, and may cause
    build problems in packages.  The majority of packages should
    be fixed, a list of remaining problems can be found at [2].
    Please fix the packages to build with GCC 4.5, don't fall back
    to GCC-4.4.

  - The linking behaviour was changed to not resolve symbols anymore
    in indirectly linked shared libraries.  A binary directly using
    a symbol from a shared library has to link with this library.
    Details can be found at [3], an analysis of required changes (and
    some patches) for packages in main can be found at [4]. A list
    of open issues is found at [5].

While support for two community ports was dropped in maverick, please
keep in mind that the builds for the armel and powerpc architectures
are not available as fast as on amd64 and i386.  Please either make
sure to update build dependencies, if newer versions are needed, or
only upload a package in a dependency chain when a required build
dependency is published on all architectures (same thing when
scheduling rebuilds for library transitions). Don't be nasty to natty ;)



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