Minutes of the Developer Membership Board, 2010-11-22

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Mon Nov 22 19:03:58 GMT 2010

Chair: Emmet Hikory
Present: Benjamin Drung, Søren Hansen, Colin Watson

= Action Item Review =
 * persia to ask the CC for assistance regarding Marco's request for unban
  * Done between the meeting and the minutes
 * cjwatson to add haildb to mtaylor's PPU list
  * Done just before the meeting

=  Review Marco Rodrigues participation in Ubuntu Development =

Marco was present at the meeting, but had nothing to add at this time.

= Developer application for Martin Pool =

Martin was not present: his application was deferred

= Core Developer application for Lorenzo De Liso =

Lorenzo's application was deferred with 1 vote for, 2 against, and one

= Core Developer application for Alession Treglia =

Alessio's application was approved with 4 in favour

= Core Developer application for Ken VanDine =

Ken's application was posted for further votes after receiving 2 votes
in favour, and 2 abstentions

= Chair for next meeting =

Benjamin will chair the meeting of 6th December

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