Lucid Beta 1 postponed to Friday

Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Thu Mar 18 20:04:39 GMT 2010

Dear developers,

Owing to some late image rebuilds for a couple of critical issues that we
didn't want to leave our beta users subjected to, validation of 10.04 Beta 1
is still in progress.  This means that Beta 1 will not be released on
Thursday, March 18 as planned; it will be released tomorrow, March 19.

To help us release the beta with confidence tomorrow, please consider
participating in the ISO testing today, as described at

Also, as you're going through ISO tests, please also help us fill in the
blanks on <> so we can complete our
understanding of the remaining boot-time issues affecting Beta 1 and make
Beta 2 truly spectacular!

Steve Langasek
On behalf of the Ubuntu release team

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