Minutes and resolutions from the Technical Board meeting, 2010-02-09

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Tue Feb 9 16:17:44 GMT 2010

 * Attendees: Martin Pitt (chair), Kees Cook, Mark Shuttleworth, Colin Watson
 * Guests: Emmet Hikory, Daniel Holbach
 * Review https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Specs/LucidMOTU
  * Acknowledged; unclear part is the membership approval, which is the next item

 * Approvals for new MOTUs
  * There was a very long discussion about whether the DMB or the MC should handle applications for new MOTUs
  * There is a certain tension between MOTU self-governance, and having done the DMB elections under the announcement of unifying the approval process of core-devs, MOTUs and per-package uploaders
  * The MC is currently in the process of redefining its goals and reconstituting
  * The TB unanimously took the following decision:

    Hearing and approvals for MOTU will now be exclusively done by the DMB,
    with the option of delegating it to the MC upon request by MC or DMB, and
    approval by TB in the future.

 * Prior actions: deferred until next meeting, due to timeout
  * [ACTION] kees to follow up with Debian TC on units policy
  * [ACTION] cjwatson to follow up with mythbuntu-dev to get ubuntu-core-dev added
  * [ACTION] ScottK to update Kubuntu/UpdatesPolicy based on Kubuntu upstream
    feedback (cf.  http://techbase.kde.org/Policies/Minor_Point_Release_Policy/Draft)
  * [ACTION] sabdfl to propose to CC that the TB is a CC delegate, and clarify his role

 * Chair for next meeting: Scott James Remnant

Martin Pitt
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