Minutes from the Technical Board meeting, 2010-11-30

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Wed Dec 1 15:29:14 GMT 2010

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Log: http://www.novarata.net/mootbot/ubuntu-meeting.20101130_0859.html
Chair: Matt Zimmerman
Other members present: Martin Pitt
Guests: Allison Randall, John Lenton, Eric Casteleijn, Rick Spencer, Stuart Langridge, Emmet Hikory

Action review

 * KDE microversion SRU docs - done

couchdb lucid backport SRU - John Lenton

 * Continuation from the previous meeting

 * We enumerated options for the Ubuntu One team to restore lost functionality
   in Ubuntu 10.04 resulting from the CouchDB 1.0 server-side update. The
   options supported by the TB members present were:

  + option 1: parallel package couchdb 1.0, update desktopcouch to use it, and release via SRU exception
  + option 3: update couchdb to 1.0 in backports, superseding 0.1 in lucid
  + option 4: do nothing, focus on natty, move on

 * The U1 team will decide which option to pursue based on available resources and business considerations 

ARB exception proposal - Allison Randal

 * Continuation from the previous meeting

 * After a brief discussion, Allison's proposal was supported by the TB members present:

  + Allow .desktop files to be installed outside /opt.
  + In Natty, we'll modify Quickly, cdbs, python-support, and related packages to support installation in /opt.
  + For Maverick, accept that .pyc files and version symlinks won't be generated for Python libraries.
  + For Maverick, ARB will perform manual package fixes on proposed applications, to install in /opt and load libraries from /opt.
  + Binaries only in /opt (no exceptions for Maverick), will not be in $PATH.
  + Official install location is /opt/extras.ubuntu.com/ (with version number? i.e. "/opt/extras.ubuntu.com/foo-1.5")

- mdz

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