11.04 Ubuntu Developer Summit Announced

Jono Bacon jono at ubuntu.com
Mon Aug 23 18:33:53 BST 2010

Hi All,

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the Natty Narwhal
(http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/478), I am tickled pink to
announce the details of the next Ubuntu Developer Summit
(http://uds.ubuntu.com/) taking place in **Orlando, USA** from **25th -
29th October 2010**. We also have a brand new Ubuntu Developer Summit
website (http://uds.ubuntu.com/) which provides all the details about
[how to get there](https://uds.ubuntu.com/travel/) and why UDS is
interesting if you are in our community
(http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/community/), if you are an upstream
(http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/upstreams/), and if you are a vendor

The Ubuntu Developer Summit one of the most important events in the
Ubuntu calendar and at it we discuss, debate and design the next version
of Ubuntu. We bring together the entire Canonical development team and
sponsor a large number of community members across the wide range of
areas in which people contribute to Ubuntu. This includes packaging,
translations, documentation, testing, LoCo teams and more. UDS is an
incredible experience, filled with smart and enthusiastic people, fast
paced and exhausting, but incredibly gratifying to be part of the
process that builds the next Ubuntu.

For every UDS, Canonical sponsors a number of community members to
attend the event. We are looking for those who want to bring some real
insight and expertise in their area of Ubuntu, be it development or
community governance. If you feel you could offer this but can't afford
to cover your expenses of attending, you should apply for sponsorship
(http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/sponsorship/). The deadline for
sponsorship is **8th September 2010**.



Jono Bacon
Ubuntu Community Manager
www.ubuntu.com / www.jonobacon.org

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