Minutes from the Developer Membership Board meeting, 2010-04-27

Cody A.W. Somerville cody-somerville at ubuntu.com
Tue Apr 27 19:50:03 BST 2010

Chair: Cody Somerville
Present: Søren Hansen, Richard Johnson, Michael Bienia, Colin Watson,
Stéphane Graber

= Action Review =
    * persia contacts Angel Abad about his application: Dropping
action for Persia to contact Angel, he will hope to catch him another
time time though.
    * persia to make documentation on application notice clearer:
Persia will work on DMB Application Process page further if people
think it's still unclear. Without feedback, he'll leave it alone.
    * geser to follow up with Sylvestre Ledru and arrange for the
application to be added to the meeting agenda: Done.

= Administrative Matters =
== Accept responsibility for UbuntuDevelopers/TeamDelegation ==
    * Accept responsibility for UbuntuDevelopers/TeamDelegation
    * LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers/TeamDelegation
    * LINK: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2010/04/20/%23ubuntu-meeting.html#t15:26
    * ACTION: Persia to update UbuntuDevelopers/TeamDelegation to
reflect DMB's responsibilities in process.
== Finalise application for Leann Ogasawara ==
    * cjwatson already granted PPU permissions to Leann but forgot to
add Leann to ubuntu-dev team. This is now corrected.
    * ACTION: cjwatson to create ubuntu-kernel-uploaders team owned by
the DMB that will provide upload permissions to Ubuntu kernel
== Schedule of next meeting (held at UDS?) ==
    * ACTION: cjwatson to schedule session at UDS for DMB meeting

= PerPackageUploader: Alessio Igor Bogani =

    * Bogani applied for per package upload permissions for linux-rt
and rt-tests.
    * LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlessioIgorBogani/linux-rtPPUApplication
    * Bogani's application was declined.
    * ACTION: Persia to follow up with TheMuso re: Bogani's application.

Alessio has an interest in the realtime linux kernel and has been
involved in helping maintain the kernel for several releases. However,
due to a lack of endorsements on Alessio's application the DMB was
unable to approve Alessio for PPU permissions at this time. The DMB is
sympathetic to the fact that not many developers are interested in or
comfortable touching these packages and thus not interested in
sponsoring. As such, the DMB will follow up with Alessio and previous
sponsors to help Alessio get his application in order. It is the hope
of the DMB to be able to approve this application in the near future.

= PerPackageUploader: Ara Pulido =

    * Pulido applied for per package upload permissions for ldtp, mago
and ubuntu-qa-tools.
    * LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AraPulido/PerPackageUploadApplication
    * Pulido's application was approved.

Ara Pulido has been maintaining these packages over several releases.
The DMB enthusiastically welcomes her to the Ubuntu development team
by granting her PPU permissions for ldtp, mago, and ubuntu-qa-tools!

= PerPackageUploader: Rodrigo Moya =
    * Moya applied for per package upload permissions for
couchdb-glib, evolution-couchdb, libubuntuone,
rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store, tomboy, and ubuntuone-client.
    * LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RodrigoMoya/PerPackageUploadApplication
    * The DMB split this application into three separate applications:
          o couchdb-glib, and evolution-couchdb
          o libubuntuone, rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store, and ubuntuone-client
          o tomboy
    * Moya's application for couchdb-glib, and evolution-couchdb was approved.
    * Moya's application for libubuntuone,
rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store, and ubuntuone-client deferred pending
e-mail vote by Hansen and Graber. Application requires two votes to
reach approval threshold.
    * Moya's application for tomboy deferred pending e-mail vote by
Hansen and Graber. Application requires one vote to reach approval

Rodrigo Moya is both a packager and upstream developer/contributor.
His expertise and experience with couchdb-glib and evolution-couchdb
will be an asset to Ubuntu. The DMB welcomes you!

= UbuntuCoreDeveloper: Brandon Holtsclaw =
    * Holtsclaw applied for renewal of his Ubuntu Core Developer membership.
    * LINK: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/BrandonHoltsclaw
    * Holtsclaw's application was approved.

Brandon Holtsclaw is a long time contributor to Ubuntu and Kubuntu.
After forgetting to hit the renew button when his membership in the
Ubuntu Core Developer team came up for expiration, the DMB is happy to
re-grant Holtsclaw his core developer status. Welcome back!

= Select a Chair for the next meeting =
    * Michael Bienia will chair the 11th May meeting.


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