Delegates for Freeze Exception Requests for Packages in Universe.

Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at
Sun Apr 4 16:35:36 BST 2010


better late than never, here's the list of delegates who handle feature freeze 
exception requests for packages in the universe component up until 

* mythbuntu: Mario Limonciello (~superm1) [superm1]
* mozilla team: Alexander Sack (~asac) [asac], Micah Gersten (~micahg) 
* xubuntu: Cody A.W. Somerville (~cody-somerville) [cody-somerville], 
           Lionel Le Folgoc (~mrpouit) [mr_pouit]
* desktop (gnome): Sebastien Bacher (~seb128) [seb128]
* netbook: Didier Roche  (~didrocks) [didrocks]
* edubuntu: Jonathan Carter (~jonathan) [highvoltage], 
            Stéphane Graber (~stgraber) [stgraber]

The delegations for both server and kubuntu have been dropped for now, since 
the delegates in question (Scott Kitterman for server and Jonathan Riddell 
for kubuntu) are already members of the release team.

For the aforementioned subsets, delegates can directly process feature freeze 
exception requests, i.e. granting and/or rejecting Feature Freeze Exceptions. 
Please always document Feature Freeze Exception requests via bug reports, so
that it is immediately clear if a request was approved.

Packages found in main remain subject to approval of ubuntu-release.

In case of doubt, feel free to just subscribe ubuntu-release, we'll sort it 

    Stefan on behalf of ubuntu-release.
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