Unseeded Universe/Multiverse Final Freeze Schedule

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Thu Oct 15 23:00:38 BST 2009

The factors that drive final freeze for packages that are not on any ISO image 
have changed somewhat from previous releases, so we can freeze slightly later.

The motu-release team have conferred and here's the plan:

Currently, continue uploads before.  MOTU Release approval is only needed for 
feature changes (FFe).  Since the archive is frozen, the release team will 
manually push these uploads through without a detailed review.

Universe final freeze will be at 1200UTC on Sunday, 25 October.  After that 
time, MOTU Release will approve all uploads.  As with Main, you do not need 
get approval before upload, we can review in the upload queue, but no uploads 
will be accepted without MOTU Release review and approval.  Important bugfixes 
(particularly FTBFS fixes) are still encouraged.

The deadline for an upload to be approved by MOTU Release will be 1200UTC on 
Tuesday, 27 October.  If very critical fixes are identified after that, there is 
a small chance the Ubuntu Release team might approve it, but it is more likely 
that it will be directed to the proposed queue.  

Throughout this process, we will be monitoring the progress of the buildd 
queues.  If needed, we may start deferring uploads to proposed earlier to 
ensure that all builds are tried/finished on all architectures before the 
archive is locked for the release.

Scott Kitterman
For MOTU Release 
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