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Steve Langasek steve.langasek at
Tue Nov 3 11:40:22 GMT 2009

Hello world,

I'm happy to report that the Lucid Lynx is now open for uploads.

We do not recommend that users upgrade to Lucid at this time; it is
likely to be in very considerable flux until the initial round of
merges is complete. As ever, any developers wishing to take the plunge
at this early stage should ensure that they are comfortable with
recovering from anything up to complete system failure.

Automatic syncs from Debian will begin shortly.  Because Lucid is an LTS,
autosyncing will track the Debian testing series for this cycle, rather than
Debian unstable as we normally do.

We expect this more conservative policy for package syncing will enable us
to prepare a more stable long-term support release.  The cost of this
approach is that not only regressions will be delayed from reaching Lucid -
bugfixes uploaded to Debian unstable will be delayed too (packages uploaded
to Debian unstable normally don't reach Debian testing for at least 10
days).  If you believe a newer package version from unstable is needed for
any reason, please don't hesitate to request a sync using the normal

Likewise, package merges from either testing or unstable are perfectly ok,
as needed.  Merge-o-Matic ( currently points at
Debian unstable; we hope to be able to provide merge data for Debian testing
in a week or so, in the meantime please be aware of this fact when preparing
any merges.

As usual, the release schedule for Lucid is available at
<>.  This year, the first
milestone will come in mid-December, well after UDS, and the end of
automatic Debian package syncs is not planned until February - shortly
before feature freeze itself.  Since this cycle's schedule includes a
significant number of changes compared with respect to past releases,
there's been a lot of feedback, some of which is still being incorporated.
This may still result in some fine-tuning of the more specific freezes on
the timeline; you can expect this to all be finalized by the end of this

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