Boost package plans for Karmic

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu May 28 16:03:50 BST 2009

At UDS I was asked to look into which boost packages we should target for 
Karmic.  Currently we have boost (1.34), boost1.35, boost1.37, boost1.38, and 
boost-defaults in Karmic.

For Main, the boost version for Karmic will be boost1.38.  It's been promoted 
to main and updating has already started.  Boost1.38 is also Debian's target 
boost for squeeze and so this should be the last boost transition until after 
Squeeze releases.

Debian is transitioning to an unversioned libboost-dev package provided by 
boost-defaults.  We need to have this version for packages we sync from 
Debian, but in Ubuntu packages are preferred not to build depend on it.  The 
default version set by this package is 1.38.

libboost-dev is provided by boost (1.34) and boost-defaults (1.38.1).  The 
archive version of the binary is 1.38.1.  This means that packages that depend 
on the old (1.34) version of libboost-dev will likely fail to build.  

In Universe/Multiverse, the goal is to transition all packages to 1.38 
(preferably) or alternately 1.37.  

Debian has already removed 1.35 from Unstable.  We should remove boost (1.34) 
and boost1.35 during Karmic and it would de good to get 1.37 removed

Scott K

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