motu-release delegations updated

Stefan Potyra stefan.potyra at
Sat Mar 14 20:41:08 GMT 2009


please welcome Lionel Le Folgoc (mr_pouit) as additional delegate for Xubuntu.

For the jaunty cycle, this means, that you can also file feature freeze 
exception requests that concern Xubuntu and have them processed by either 
Code (cody_summerville) or Lionel instead of by motu-release [1].

Additionally, I'd like to point out that we're in FeatureFreeze, followed by  
a TODO-list for universe:

First off: Please refrain from any potential unsafe upload (or sync request), 
that might disturb jaunty directly or indirectly via other packages. Also 
please don't upload new packages, these won't get processed (*).

For new upstream versions, that are not limited to fix bugs, please file a 
feature freeze exception request [2], and inform/subscribe the corresponding 
If you are in doubt, if a package update *might* not be limited to a 
particular domain, please always subscribe motu-release. We'll sort it out.
Of course, if the package is in main, ubuntu-release should be informed.

Finally, for any universe packages, which are general to universe an no 
specific delegate(s) exist, please subsribe motu-release, and please wait for 
a "go-ahead" (aka a motu-release member setting the bug to confirmed) until 

TODO-list for universe:
1) We've got a python -> 2.6 transition going on. See [3]. Please help.
2) Please check unmet dependencies and fix these. The short version 
is "apt-cache -i unmet."
3) Please also check packages, that fail to build from source (FTBFS), see 

      Stefan, motu-release.

(*) If absolutely required as determined by motu-release or ubuntu-release, 
together with bribes for archive admins are in place, these *might* even get 
processed ;).
[1]: <>
[2]: <>
[3]: <>
[4]: <>
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