Minutes from the Technical Board meeting, 2009-06-30

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 30 16:15:03 BST 2009

= Attendees =

 * Matt Zimmerman (chair)
 * Colin Watson
 * Scott James Remnant

= Notes =

 * Scott Kitterman's [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClamavUpdates proposal for a
   ClamAV update policy]] was endorsed by the Technical Board, contingent 
   on the approval of the security and release teams

 * Charlie Smotherman was granted upload privileges for ampache,
   ampache-themes and coherence

 * Thierry Carrez was welcomed as a new core developer

 * Scott James Remnant has put forward a Technical Board position statement
   regarding Mono, which is to be published shortly

 * The Technical Board is discussing the creation of a new governing body,
   the Developer Applications Board, to process new developer applications,
   separating this function from the Technical Board itself

 - mdz

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