inutes from the Technical Board meeting, 2009-08-25

Scott James Remnant scott at
Tue Aug 25 16:20:49 BST 2009

= Attendees =

Scott James Remnant (chair)
Mark Shuttleworth
Colin Watson
Matt Zimmerman

= Notes =

(copied from

* Technical Board meeting, 2009-08-25
  * Yulia Novozhilova was approved for per-package upload privileges to netbeans
   * Action: cjwatson to implement
  * Andy Whitcroft was approved for per-package upload privileges to the kernel
   * Action: cjwatson to implement

  * Review of outstanding actions; actions carried over:
   * Action: TB to review Jono's draft text to communicate the TB's willingness to review key topics submitted by the community
   * Action: Colin to update
    * Done, with further text to be applied
    * Action: Colin to apply further updates to based on his new text
   * Action: Colin to discuss role of a Debian representative on the TB by e-mail.
    * No reply from Debian TC, Colin to chase and continue discussions
   * Action: Jamie Strandboge to add a reference to the [[ZeroConfPolicySpec|previously-approved mDNS policy]]
    * Done.
   * Action: Mark to create and announce TB vote
    * Done, the vote in is in progress.  78 votes have been cast out of 130 voters.

  * Developer Membership Board (ScottJamesRemnant)
   * LP changes have been implemented
   * RT tickets filed (#35428, #35429) for mailing list changes
   * Action: Scott to complete implementation of Developer Membership Board proposal
   * Action: Jono to see that documentation is updated to reflect the Developer Membership Board (blocked on above)

  * Archive reorganisation (ColinWatson)
   * The majority of MOTUs have responded to the initial feelers about their final privileges, most want to be generalists
   * Action: cjwatson to do a final check with the Soyuz team on the details, and start pushing initial sets into LP
   * After that, the next step is to start talking with the release teams about unifying processes there

  * Check up on community bugs
   * Zarro boogs.

  * Drivers for Ubuntu (MattZimmerman, Curtis Hovey)
   * We received an authorative explanation from the LP team about what the driver teams can currently do, and they are now looking for us to tell them what they *should* be able to do
   * cjwatson to draft proposed ubuntu drivers scheme for consensus

  * Base-2 prefix names (BenjaminDrung)
   * Benjamin Drung asked that the Technical Board discuss the use of units in Ubuntu, specifically the distinction between IEC base-2 multiple units such as kibibyte (KiB) vs. SI base-10 multiple units such as kilobyte (kB) vs. the current scattered implementations.
   * (as an aside, there's a third "standard" in the form of the O'Reilly Style Guide which species a base-2 multiple unit (KB))
   * The Technical Board agreed that the current scattered forms are a mess, and that we should have a nuanced policy on their use in Ubuntu
   * Action: bdrung to draft an initial policy to serve as a basis for discussion

  * Select a chair for the next meeting 
   * The next meeting takes place after the TB vote has been completed.
   * It seems unfair to bestow the chair on a newly elected member
   * If mdz is elected for a further turn, he is the next chair on rotation
   * If mdz is not elected, the next chair on rotation would fall to cjwatson

Scott James Remnant
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