Minutes from the Technical Board meeting, 2008-08-26

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 26 15:43:12 BST 2008

Board members: Mark Shuttleworth, Matt Zimmerman
Apologies: Scott James Remnant (holiday)
Attendees: Oliver Grawert, Emmet Hikory

== Status of cdrtools discussion ==

Mark has offered to obtain a legal opinion from the Software Freedom Law
Center, on the condition that Joerg Schilling will agree up front to accept
their determination.

We are waiting for Joerg to respond to this proposal.  Mark suggested that
we also involve Sun in the discussion, as they are shipping cdrtools.

Action: Mark to contact Sun legal regarding cdrtools

== Gobby co-maintenance with Debian ==

Philipp Kern, upstream developer and Debian maintainer of gobby, and MOTU,
is interested in helping to maintain gobby in Ubuntu main.

We agreed that this is reasonable, and that Phillipp's existing
qualifications are sufficient to grant upload privileges.

Action: Matt to arrange upload rights for gobby for pkern

== Revisiting limited upload privileges for kernel and printing packages ==

The Technical Board granted core-dev privileges to two developers (Tim
Gardner and Till Kamppeter) interested in working with specific packages in
main, with the proviso that they were to follow standard sponsorship
processes for other packages.

Now that Launchpad has the capability to implement this type of
access control directly, we agreed to transition these developers from
ubuntu-core-dev to per-package upload rights.

Action: Matt to follow up with Tim and Till

== Board membership/nominations ==

The Technical Board is in search of new members, and suggestions from the
community have been received and reviewed.  The next step is to contact the
top candidates (most were suggested by third parties) and ask whether they
are willing to serve in the position.

Action: Mark to contact the candidates and confirm their interest

 - mdz

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