Changed behaviour of Apport crash bugs

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Jul 6 11:44:38 BST 2007

Hello fellow Ubuntu developers,

Until now, crash bugs filed by Apport [1] had two major problems:

 * They potentially contain sensitive information in the core dump and
   stack traces.

 * They produce a lot of bug email noise; a lot of it is redundant,
   and with the new automatic duplicate detection a lot of those bugs
   do not need to be looked at at all any more.

Eventually, Launchpad will grow a proper concept of a crash database
to fix that. Until we get that, we need a quick fix for that, which is
why I implemented [2] now:

 * Crash bugs are filed private now, with only ubuntu-core-dev (for
   main/restricted) and ubuntu-dev (for universe/multiverse) members
   being able to see them initially. After verifying that there is no
   sensitive data, the bugs can be marked as public if there is a
   reason to do so (like pointing upstreams to it).

 * There will be no bug email sent at all until someone marks a bug
   as public.

I added some detailed explanations to the HowToTriage wiki page [3],
which also describes the steps bug triagers should do with Apport
generated crash bugs.

Thank you,



Martin Pitt
Ubuntu Developer
Debian Developer
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