new architecture lpia

Matthias Klose doko at
Wed Aug 22 22:37:37 BST 2007

The Ubuntu Mobile project uses a new architecture "lpia"; the architecture
resembles "i386", but uses different optimizations options in the compiler,
different configuration and build options for some packages. Because Ubuntu
Mobile uses only a subset of main, and almost nothing of universe, a large part
of the archive is not yet built for this architecture. The buildds are currently
building the archive, so you might get notice about build failures for your
uploads. Build failures outside the Ubuntu Mobile project are handled with the
same priority as for our community ports.

"lpia" uses GCC-4.2 as the system compiler (instead of GCC-4.1 for the other
architectures), so some packages which are not yet built may fail to build due
to a stricter compiler.

The majority of packages in main is already built; if you do want to do
development in a "lpia" environment, create a "lpia" chroot. as root:

  debootstrap --arch lpia gutsy /srv/chroot/gutsy-lpia

A tutorial how to setup and use a chroot can be found at

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