Opening development for Gutsy Gibbon

Matthias Klose doko at
Wed Apr 25 13:58:58 BST 2007

The Gutsy Gibbon archives are now accessible, and will be openend soonish for
normal upload and syncs from Debian.

The current gutsy archive already has some basic packages updated, including our
toolchain (binutils, GCC, glibc). Noteworthy changes are:

 - The Java compatible environment in main (gij/gcj) was updated to provide
   Java 1.5 compatibility, allowing now packages in main, which require 1.5
   compatibility and can be built using gcj.

 - We will drop support for g77 for the Gutsy release, demoting g77 to universe.
   This transition will require manual changes in all packages build-depending
   on g77. The g77 and gfortran libraries are incompatible, so we will need
   to rename all library packages linked against libg2c when building these
   packages with gfortran. To avoid differing naming we will coordinate this
   work with Debian.

 - A prerelease of GCC-4.2 will be available in the archive; we will make sure
   that packages in main can be built using this new version.

Gutsy is now open in "frozen" mode to allow the upload / sync of basic and some
infrastructure packages first, which should be available before the normal
uploads start. Please follow the normal sync rules (file a bug and subscribe
ubuntu-archive) and rules for upload in frozen periods (upload and notify
archive admins on #ubuntu-devel). The archive will be open for normal operation
around Thursday noon UTC (Mar 26).

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