Ubuntu 6.10 beta freeze now in effect

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Thu Sep 21 22:37:19 BST 2006

The beta freeze is now officially in effect.  Uploads should only be made to
main for issues which need attention for the beta release.

The upload queue is still in automatic mode, so there is no human
intervention, and for now, this is left to the judgement of the individual
developer.  Current priorities include:

- Fixes for problems which interfere with the CD build process, including
  missing dependencies in the installed set of packages

- Fixes for problems which affect the CD environment, including the

- Bugs on this page, which have had their milestone set because they are
  significant for the beta release:

Other low-risk bugfix-only uploads are still OK for now, but expect uploads
to start requiring approval very soon.

 - mdz

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