UDS Mountain View: Call for Topics

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Sat Oct 14 00:10:09 BST 2006

This is an official call for topics for the upcoming summit in Mountain
View.  If you have a well-defined idea for discussion or development which
you would like to propose for the summit, do not reply to this message, but
follow the process described below.

The primary objective of the summit is to define the release goals for
Ubuntu 7.04, to be released in April 2007.  At the summit, the development
team will discuss feature ideas, and create specification documents
describing plans for their implementation.

Anyone is welcome to submit a topic for discussion, but only a limited
number of topics can be covered in the time available at the summit, so the
agenda will be selected from the most appropriate submissions.  Topics with
the following attributes are most likely to be prioritized and thus become
successful agenda items:

 * Topics submitted by summit attendees: these are most likely to have
   critical mass for discussion.

 * Topics aligned with the goals of the Ubuntu project:
   Bringing the best open source software to the masses and making it easy
   for them to use.  

 * Topics aligned with the goals for the next release:
   Ubuntu 7.04 will be characterized by stellar hardware support and
   leading-edge desktop technology

 * Topics which are clearly explained with a rationale showing the benefit
   to Ubuntu:
   Your idea can only become reality if it can be readily understood by
   others as an important way to improve Ubuntu.

 * Topics which require a substantial amount of discussion in order to plan
   their implementation:
   A trivial or obvious idea which does not require much forethought will
   not justify a slot on the agenda.

If you have an idea, it is wise to discuss it on
ubuntu-devel at lists.ubuntu.com to get feedback from others before proposing
it.  Topics which have been discussed and rejected before, or which aren't
within the scope of the meeting or the project will not be accepted.

To propose a topic for the agenda:

 * Visit https://launchpad.net/sprints/uds-mtv

 * If you are attending the summit, ensure that you are registered!  This is

 * Review the list of topics which are already on the agenda

 * Visit https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+specs and register a new
   specification.  Keep the summary short, but be very clear about the
   scope and purpose of the project.

 * From the spec view, click "Propose for meeting agenda" to nominate it for
   the Mountain View agenda.

The meeting organizers will review all proposals, accept the most promising
ones, and accept them for the agenda.

 - mdz

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