CD image renaming

Colin Watson cjwatson at
Mon May 22 15:53:40 BST 2006

Following various discussions among the Ubuntu release team, the
Canonical business department, et al, the next round of daily CD image
builds will be renamed.

Instead of "dapper-live-*", there will be "dapper-desktop-*", reflecting
the rename to "desktop CD" that we started at the Dapper Beta release to
indicate that the live CD is now also installable.

Instead of "dapper-install-*", there will be "dapper-alternate-*", the
"alternate install CD"; this avoids confusion along the lines of "which
CD do I use to install a new system?", and indicates that the desktop CD
should be used for most installation scenarios while still allowing
people to find the alternate install CD for special cases (OEM,
automation, LVM, RAID, etc.).

If you have scripts to download CD images using rsync or similar, please
make sure that they can cope with this change of name. In particular,
avoid using rsync's --delete option so that you aren't faced with having
to download everything from scratch.


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