Preparations for next week's summit

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Thu Jun 15 03:58:07 BST 2006

After some time for review and revision since Monday's submission deadline,
we now have an initial list of topics for next week's summit in Paris:

You can browse through the abstracts, read some draft specifications, and
subscribe to those which interest you.  You'll be notified by email about
activity on topics to which you subscribe.

If you will be attending the summit, you must:

1. Register yourself as an attendee in Launchpad:

2. Subscribe to the topics which interest you.  We will be generating the
   schedule using an automated tool, which will register your interest and
   allow you to see on the schedule where you should be at any given time.

3. If you have one, bring a headset with a microphone.  For the first time,
   we'll be using a collaborative Voice-Over-IP system to allow interested
   parties to participate without being physically present at the summit.

Whether you are attending or not, watch this page:

Details will be posted regarding live voice conferencing and collaborative
editing sessions, so that those who cannot attend the summit may participate
in real-time.

We'll see you there, or talk with you from afar!

 - mdz

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