Maintaining Packages in bzr for edgy

Scott James Remnant scott at
Fri Jun 9 15:37:54 BST 2006

Edgy is all about new and exciting things, so we're likely to be doing a
fair amount of development work in this time.

So now is the time to begin maintaining packages in bzr!

I've put together a set of documents that describe a process for us to
do it in a uniform way that will make it easy for us to do it, and to
keep using it rather than forgetting later on.

    This describes how to get your source package into bzr, how to make
    sure everyone else knows about it, and how to make sure everyone
    else can collaborate on it.

    I know many of you already have your source in bzr, please read this
    though and follow its instructions to republish your sources so that
    we can all take part!

    This describes how to contribute to a source package maintained in
    bzr.  It's both aimed at developers (though it should be obvious
    what to do after you've read the previous page) _AND_ for anyone
    else out there who wants to join in!

    If you've always wanted to work on a source package, but never been
    sure how to get your changes noticed, this is the document for you!

    Finally this page lists the packages currently being maintained in
    bzr, following the policy set out in BzrMaintainerHowto.

    Every developer should check this page before running
    apt-get source to make sure that they're not supposed to be using
    bzr instead!

    Why not subscribe to it?

This probably won't be perfect at first, but if we use this every day
we'll soon figure out the kinks (like how to deal with packages when
they are sync'd).

Scott James Remnant
scott at
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