Upstream version freeze begins

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Thu Jul 13 00:16:01 BST 2006

After a fast-paced merge cycle bringing in all of the latest goodness from
Debian, we're entering Upstream Version Freeze on schedule.

This means that we will no longer automatically import unchanged source
packages from Debian, and that syncs or uploads of new upstream code require
freeze exceptions.  The usual exceptions apply where our release cycle is
coordinated with upstream (e.g. GNOME, and projects developed within Ubuntu).

This also means that it's time to start in earnest on our feature goals.
With the upstream churn in Edgy settling down, we can start to introduce our
own breakage.  The startup and shutdown processes, live CD infrastructure,
the packaging system, development toolchain and kernel are all targets for
aggressive feature development in this release, so be on your toes!  The
brave souls who track Edgy closely will also be the first to enjoy some of
the shiny new desktop and server features we'll be introducing along the

Feature goals:
Freeze exceptions:
Release schedule:

 - mdz

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