Daily kernel builds available

Ben Collins bcollins at ubuntu.com
Thu Jan 26 16:32:10 GMT 2006

At: http://people.ubuntu.com/~bcollins/kernels-daily/

These are not apt-get'able, for one main reason. They are not meant for
doing automatic syncing. These strictly for testing. For example, I may
ask bug reporters to try one or more of these kernels to track down a
regression, or to try a patch that was applied before it is released in
the next kernel build.

Note, there may not be builds for every day. The builds are done
push-style, meaning I do them if two conditions are met 1) The kernel is
actually building that day, 2) there is anything worth building.

Primary purpose of these kernels is finer grained regression analysis
between major kernel uploads.

Ben Collins
Kernel Developer - Ubuntu Linux

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