Malone transition for "main" and "restricted"

James Henstridge james at
Wed Jan 11 11:15:09 GMT 2006

  "So this is it, we're going to die" - Arthur Dent.

As of 2006-01-13, we will be switching to Malone for all bug
reporting.  To avoid race conditions while doing the conversion, at
12:00 UTC the Bugzilla database will be locked to new entries.  All
Bugzilla accounts will be made read-only, and will stay this way.

To minimize risk, we will be taking backups of the Launchpad and
Bugzilla data from that morning.  If we encounter problems, we will
revert to a known running state no later than 18:00 UTC.

There will be an announcement made when the work begins, and when it
is completed.

= User Account Migration =

We will be matching Bugzilla accounts to Launchpad accounts by the
registered email address.  If a Launchpad account already exists with
the given email address, it will be used.

If no Launchpad account exists for an email address then a new account
will be created.  Note that the Bugzilla password is not migrated for
generated accounts, due to differences in how passwords are stored.

If you have used a different email address in Bugzilla to what you
used in Launchpad, you can make the transition go more smoothly by
registering your Bugzilla email address in Launchpad at:$USER/+editemails

If an extra Launchpad account does get created for you though, you can
request an account merge at:

= Scope of Migration =

All Bugzilla bugs filed under "Ubuntu" will be imported into Malone;
both open and closed bugs.  Migrated bugs will be filed against the
corresponding source packages in Ubuntu.

The migrated bug information includes:
 * bug contacts (reporters, assignees, subscribers)
 * severity, priority, status
 * bug duplicate relationships
 * all comments
 * all attachments
 * bug creation and comment dates

The Malone bug IDs will differ from the existing Bugzilla bug IDs, but
it will be easy to find the bugs by their old ID using the following

This will redirect you to the correct bug page.

= Further Questions =

If you have any further questions about the transition feel free to
email me, the launchpad-users at list, or contact us
at #launchpad on Freenode.

The Launchpad Team

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