Ubuntu archive backend migrating to Launchpad

James Troup james.troup at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 2 20:12:17 GMT 2006


At 18:00 UTC on Friday, 3rd February 2006, the Ubuntu archive will
start being handled by Launchpad.  Uploads won't be processed till
Saturday 12:00 UTC.  The rest of this email contains information that
developers might need to know about how this will affect the upload
process, the location of build logs, etc.

The Archive

Most importantly: the archive as seen by the public and users will not
change at all.

This change should mostly be transparent for developers with regards
to how you upload.  As before, uploads should go to:


which most people will do via 'dput' or 'dupload' (with their default
'ubuntu' target).

After the switch Launchpad will control who can upload and to which
component, so when you become either a MOTU (ubuntu-dev) or a main
maintainer (ubuntu-core-dev) you just need to make sure:

 a) your key is associated with your account in Launchpad
 b) you're either a member of the ubuntu-dev or ubuntu-core-dev teams
 c) you have signed the code of conduct in Launchpad

One other developer-visible change is that the hysterically misnamed
'cron.daily' (which on DAK runs every 30 minutes) will, for the
immediate future, only run once every hour now instead and the mirror
pulse will happen at approximately half past the hour.


Launchpad has its own buildd infrastructure which will hopefully be
more transparent and useful to developers.  You can see the live
status of the buildds themselves at:


And see a list of the most recent builds at:


To view the build log of a given package, you can search for the
source package[1], e.g. from:


And then after drilling down into a specific version, there will be a
portlet on the lower right linking to the build details for each

NB: the Soyuz web UI is still in an early stage of development and
    many improvements are expected.  Feel free to help out by filing
    bugs on problems you find at:

Further Questions and problem reports

If you have any further questions about the transition feel free to
email launchpad-users at lists.canonical.com, or contact us at #launchpad
on Freenode.

For the latest information please see:



[1] Alternatively if you know the source package name you can jump
    straight to it via:


    (Obviously replacing PACKAGENAME with the name of the package you

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