Heads up for coming linux-meta change

Ben Collins ben.collins at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 30 14:53:20 GMT 2005

The change for linux-meta to point to the 2.6.15 kernels is coming
hopefuly tomorrow night.

Chain of events looks like this:

linux-restricted-modules: Uploaded today, but FTBFS on ppc. Fix has been
commited for linux 2.6.15-6.8

linux-source-2.6.15: (2.6.15-6.8): Will be uploaded in about 6-8 hours

linux-restricted-modules: Reupload for ABI bump (done by Adam when he gets
up tomorrow).

linux-meta, udev: Uploaded after l-r-m, also by Adam.

   Ben Collins <ben.collins at ubuntu.com>
   Ubuntu Linux

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