Scott James Remnant scott at
Thu Nov 10 08:48:06 CST 2005

Hey guys,

As part of the process of streamlining our boot sequence a little, we've
opted to remove the "depmod" from the boot sequence.  On many machines
this was taking upwards of 10 seconds, even with --quick, simply to stat
the /lib/modules/$KVER tree.


These days there's no reason to do this, we can reliably produce the
modules.dep and modules.alias files when we install the new kernel and
modules simply by pointing at the for the expected kernel --
and this works just fine.

So make sure if your package contains kernel modules that you put in
both the postinst (configure) and postrm (remove/purge) the following:

	depmod -a -q -F /boot/$KVER $KVER

Obviously $KVER should be the version of the kernel the modules are
intended for, not the version of the kernel that's actually running at
install time.  You might need to wave sed over your postinst/postrm from
the rules file to make this happen; that's what linux-restricted-modules
is doing now.

Scott James Remnant
scott at
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