Locales restructuring, next dist-upgrade might break for you

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Tue Dec 20 16:35:08 GMT 2005


According to yesterday's locales discussion I removed the locale
definitions from the language packs and put them back into the
'locales' package. That means that you now can generate test locales
without installing a language pack. With the new locales package
(2.3.7-1), this is as easy as 'sudo locale-gen <locale> <locale> ...'.

Unfortunately dist-upgrade will break if you first upgrade to the new
locales package and then to the new language packs (due to file
conflicts of the locale definitions). I do not want to Replace: all
language packs in the new locales package. However, that will not
affect Breezy->Dapper upgrades and will only ever occur once.  So
please do not file bugs about it. :)



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