Application for ubuntu-desktop membership

Gunnar Hjalmarsson gunnarhj at
Mon Jun 24 19:48:33 UTC 2019

I apply to the ubuntu-desktop team members for becoming a member of the 

I have been around since 2010, and my contributions have mostly been 
related somehow to the internationalization of the desktop, such as the 
tools for setting language and locales, fonts, keyboard layouts/input 
methods, spellcheck dictionaries, and the translation infrastructure. 
I'm also keeping up the Ubuntu flavor of the desktop guide (Help).

My work has led me to get involved in quite a few packages, and more 
often than not I'm targeting packages in the ubuntu-desktop packageset. 
Via PPU:s and a personal packageset I have upload rights to a few of them:

but often I need to ask for sponsorship.

As a member of ubuntu-desktop I would be able to contribute more 
efficiently and save some time for the developers. But please note that, 
if you would grant me membership, you wouldn't get rid of my prompts for 
reviews completely. ;) I'm self-educated in computing, and my knowledge 
about programming, packaging, etc. is fragmentary. The good news is that 
I'm aware of my limitations, and have gained a feeling for when I should 
consult with someone and/or ask for review, and when I'm sure enough to 
just do it.

Thanks in advance for considering my application!

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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