[Merge] ~3v1n0/ubuntu/+source/mutter:ubuntu/master into ~ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu/+source/mutter:ubuntu/master

Daniel van Vugt daniel.van.vugt at canonical.com
Thu Apr 11 05:27:21 UTC 2019

Review: Needs Fixing

Listing things that this release does not change and calling them "changes" is a bit confusing. Maybe don't list such things...

+mutter (3.32.0+git20190410-1ubuntu1) disco; urgency=medium
+  * Merge with debian git snapshot (LP: #1820542), remaining changes:
+    + debian/control:
+      - Update VCS flags to point to launchpad
+      - Update maintainer to ubuntu
+    + debian/gbp.conf: update branch to point to ubuntu/master
+    + debian/patches/x11-Add-support-for-fractional-scaling-using-Randr.patch:
+      - X11: Add support for fractional scaling using Randr
Your team Ubuntu Desktop is requested to review the proposed merge of ~3v1n0/ubuntu/+source/mutter:ubuntu/master into ~ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu/+source/mutter:ubuntu/master.

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