[Merge] ~azzar1/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screenshot:ubuntu/master into ~ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screenshot:ubuntu/master

Andrea Azzarone andrea.azzarone at canonical.com
Tue Sep 11 14:34:04 UTC 2018

> Why the save dialog was dropped? For a control center message ? Please see the
> discussion in the bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-
> screenshot/+bug/927952

The save dialog was not dropped in unity. I tried to re-introduce it in gnome-shell but there are several issues:
- the strings in gnome-control-center
- in a gnome-shell session, when pressing "Print" the one taking the screenshot is gnome-settings-daemon using DIRECTLY the gnome-shell API. gnome-screenshot is not used anymore. This is has to be fixed in gnome-shell and/or in gnome-settings-daemon. I'm afraid it's too late for this cycle.

> We need headerbar patch in Unity. Without it the save window simply loses
> focus (another bug).

We no loger support Unity. Feel free to propose it and I'll be happy to review it.
Your team Ubuntu Desktop is requested to review the proposed merge of ~azzar1/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screenshot:ubuntu/master into ~ubuntu-desktop/ubuntu/+source/gnome-screenshot:ubuntu/master.

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