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Wed Jan 17 08:59:07 UTC 2018

Le 17/01/2018 à 09:48, Adam Dingle a écrit :
> As many of you are probably aware, Nautilus in master can no longer 
> display icons on the desktop.   This change landed in Nautilus master 
> on January 2nd:
> The reasons for the change are described at
> "Remove desktop 
> support"
> That page says that it might be possible to develop a GNOME Shell 
> extension to display desktop icons instead, and points to a prototype 
> implementation which is in a "very early stage":
> https :// 
> <>
> I personally am a bit skeptical about using a GNOME Shell extension 
> for this, because
> 1) I doubt it will implement a desktop that looks/behaves exactly like 
> Nautilus windows, and I value consistency.
> 2) it seems unlikely that it will implement all the Nautilus 
> extensions that I commonly use (e.g. nautilus-image-converter, 
> nautilus-fileroller) including property pages currently implemented in 
> C (e.g.  libevince-properties-page, libtotem-properties-page).
> In any case, it looks like Ubuntu has these choices:
> 1. Drop support for desktop icons, like in upstream GNOME.
> 2. Use a shell extension to provide desktop icons.  This is a large 
> undertaking, and Canonical might need to implement this if nobody else 
> steps up to the plate.
> 3. Fork Nautil! us, or us e an externally maintained fork such as Nemo 
> (which itself might however have dependencies from Cinnamon).
> 4. Switch to a different file manager.
> Has Ubuntu decided which of these paths to follow in 18.04 Bionic, and 
> beyond?

Hey Adam.

We actually did, and discussed it in our weekly meeting before posting 
to the result of those discussions on the community hub:

(If you are interested into follow ubuntu desktop related topics and 
engage with the wider community, I encourage your to follow:

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