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Wed Oct 11 23:14:38 UTC 2017


I set out to contact the Canonical design-team, but there doesn't seem to
be a design mailinglist nor contact info anywhere (sigh!), and so I hope
this thread will be passed on to the right people.

What's happening behind the closed design-team doors? :o)
Are there any plans for a 18.04 "makeover"? I ask, because I want to

I came across Didrocks post ( which implies that
you (Canonical) are interested. I'm sure there's a ton of passioned people
in the community willing to spent their free time working on this. If a
Canonical decision already has been made, please communicate that, and if
no action has been taken, let's work together (the community and the
design-team) to create a beautiful Ubuntu desktop.

Some inspiration could be:

So basically what I'm asking is, how can I help?

Best regards
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