[Bug 1699216] Re: Encrypted home support

Jeremy Soller jeremy at system76.com
Tue Oct 10 18:17:40 UTC 2017

IRC Log:

10:39	jackpot51	Can we talk about this patch again? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/accountsservice/+bug/1699216
10:39	ubot5	Ubuntu bug 1699216 in gnome-initial-setup (Ubuntu) "Encrypted home support" [Wishlist,Confirmed]
10:40	jackpot51	I just saw a new accountsservice show up, superseding my patches for encrypted home.
10:40	jackpot51	Here is a debdiff of the patch I want to keep in accountsservice, one that allows gnome-initial-setup and gnome-control-center to support Encrypted Home https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/accountsservice/+bug/1699216/+attachment/4945507/+files/accountsservice_encrypt_home.debdiff
10:40	ubot5	Ubuntu bug 1699216 in gnome-initial-setup (Ubuntu) "Encrypted home support" [Wishlist,Confirmed]
10:41	jackpot51	GunnarHj and others would you mind taking a look?
10:44	seb128	jackpot51, sounds a bit late in this cycle for such changes
10:47	jackpot51	All I want is the accountsservice patch, so we don't have to hold a forked accountsservice
10:52	jbicha	we never found anyone willing to review the accountsservice patch :(
10:53	jackpot51	Well, every time accountsservice gets updated in Ubuntu, I get fucked. Why? Because I cannot rename the package.
10:53	jackpot51	So I am probably going to have to drop the patches for encrypted home entirely
10:56	jbicha	once Ubuntu 17.10 is released, any SRUs for accountsservice will have to age in -proposed for at least 7 days first. That gives you time to update your PPA.
10:56	jackpot51	Ok, that would be good
10:57	jackpot51	Many users are getting pop-gnome-initial-setup removed if they dist-upgrade
10:58	jackpot51	It doesn't break their systems, but it introduces a significant amount of maintenance work
11:54	GunnarHj	Hi jackpot51, sorry if you felt ignored by my accountsservice upload. That was not my intention.
11:54	GunnarHj	I have noticed your patches previously, but unfortunately they are too complex for me to review. The change I uploaded was a trivial one, and that's what I do - trivial stuff. :)
11:54	GunnarHj	Hopefully some experienced developer will find the time in the beginning of next cycle.
11:57	jackpot51	I dropped all our patches. Users will have to wait until Ubuntu can merge the patch, it is too much maintenance work to have encrypted home in gnome-initial-setup and gnome-control-center
11:59	jackpot51	The only other alternative was to use an epoch, which would make it impossible to go back to the Ubuntu version if the patches are merged
12:00	dmj_s76	This patch represents a fairly important feature for us.

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  Encrypted home support

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