64 bit iso with 32 bit uefi ?

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 3 12:54:32 UTC 2017

On Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 4:46 AM, Khurshid Alam
<khurshid.alam at linuxmail.org> wrote:
> 1) The main issue is 64 bit machine with 32 bit uefi.
> Will 64 iso now contain 32 bit uefi ?
> Dell, hP, Asus sells more than 10 million hardware per quarter which comes
> with
> 32 bit uefi with windows/ms-dos pre-installed. Is there any way we can
> install 64-bit iso on those hardware ?

I don't know much about this topic. Can you point to more information
about this issue? Specifically, can you find a source for your 10
million claim? And are these devices even suitable for Ubuntu anyway?

Meanwhile, I did some research myself. One device that has a 32-bit
UEFI is the HP Stream 7. But the Stream 7 only has 1 GB of RAM which
does not meet the Ubuntu desktop recommended system requirements


Fedora 27 (November 2017) has a goal to have 32-bit UEFI support for
64-bit installs:

And an older blog post: https://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/26734.html

Jeremy Bicha

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