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Will Cooke will.cooke at
Tue Nov 14 10:14:54 UTC 2017

Hi all,

The hub ( has seen good uptake in the
community and I feel that we're attracting more contributors there than we
do here.  There are other benefits of the hub over a mailing list as well,
such as easier discovery via search engines, easier searching on the hub
itself, better topic filtering on categories, easier to unfollow
discussions you're not interested in.  I also feel it's a bit more user
friendly than a mailing list, and you can still operate it in the same way
as a mailing list if you want to.

So, I would like to propose that we move this mailing list to the hub as
the desktop category and close this list, leaving the archives available.

Folk who want to keep receving desktop related emails would need to sign up
to the hub using an Ubuntu One account and then subscribe to the Desktop
category.  You can then choose to receive all posts as an email.  You can
reply to posts via email too, so daily interaction can be set up to be very
close to a mailing list, and if you don't want to visit the hub on a
regular basis, once you set up email alerts you don't need to.

I'd propose to make this switch over at the end of the week if there are no
show stoppers.  I do not intend to automatically subscribe everyone on this
mailing list to the Hub as there are a lot of dead accounts (based on the
number of bounces I have to process and delete), so this would need an
action on you to sign up to the hub if you're interested.

Cheers, Will
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